Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Sky Adventures, rising waters, and a salute to our troops!

Well, I must say it has been way too long since I've been on here. We just got back home from Montana. We had a family wedding to attend to and everything was awesome, we had a great time. But at the same time it was bitter sweet, we found out the flood situation was getting worse back home. We decided to come home a couple days early so we can continue where we left off last week and help sandbag, or do whatever needs to be done.

Getting back to our trip... The boys had a blast seeing cousins they have never met in person, and I actually was introduced to even more family on my wife's side! Big family, so many faces and names to remember. I took the boys on a small hike in the mountains. They were excited, kept on saying "were going on a bear hunt, and were going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day, were not scared"... ha, lol it was hilarious! They really enjoyed the old ice cream parlor and carousel, and plus it was a good time filler before we had to be at some historic ranch for the wedding ceremony and dance.

This was the longest road trip the boys have been on, I must say they passed with flying colors.We are home now, the van is unpacked, and now it is time to focus on the task at hand. Our metro area is having major flooding issues with the thanks to high water and too much rain and snow-pack in the mountains heading down stream to us. It's unfortunate, but we all need to work together and help volunteer, filling sandbags and whatever else to help fight this flood! I will keep you all posted, for whatever reason we have yet to make any national news.

Thankfully our house is on a hill away from the water and safe. However, we have many friends and family that are still fighting to protect their homes and property from these high waters. I ask you all to keep all of them and others in your thoughts and prayers.

I would like to thank all of my fellow veterans for their service to our country, and warm thoughts to the family members who may have lost a loved one to the ultimate sacrifice. Semper Fi to all of my Marines out there, Have a great Memorial Day!