Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cupcake Stand Tutorial

Finally, the how to DIY your own cupcake stand...  Our original inspiration came from The Meckley's, however, we did change several things...

Go to Lowes & purchase the following:

3/4x49x97 piece of MDF (avg. $32).  Have this piece cut into 2 each of the following sizes:
  • 32x32
  • 24x24
  • 17x17
  • 12x12
Four pieces of 4" PVC Coupling (avg. $2 each)

Two pieces of 4" x 2' PVC pipe (avg. $5 each)

1/2" x 6' threaded rod (avg. $4 each)

Two 1/2" hex nuts  (avg. $.10 each)

Two 1/2" washers (avg. $.10 each)

Four unfinished furniture feet  (avg. $5 each)

Paint in a color of your choosing

Krylon Fusion Spray Paint for Plastics in color of your choosing (avg. $3)

2 yards of 44" wide fabric (use Hobby Lobby or Michaels coupons for the best price, cost varies depending on fabric)

Uncut Mat Board (use Hobby Lobby or Michaels coupons for the best price avg. $3)

Elmer's Craft Bond Spray Adhesive (avg. $3.50)

Any misc decorations of your choosing

  1. Using a large drill bit, drill a 1/2" hold in the center of all the boards.
  2. Cut PVC pipe to a length of your choosing, this will be the display area for your cupcakes.  We used a 6" length & a power saw.  You need to try & cut the PVC as straight as possible.  Use a file to even out the ends if necessary. 
  3. Using a table saw, cut grooves 1/2" deep near edges of the MDF.  These were done 1" from the edges of the MDF.  You do not need to cut if you are not using panels.  You do not need to do top & bottom, only the sides that need a groove for the panels. 
  4. Paint the MDF & furniture feet in a color of your choosing. Sides with grooves only need the edges painted as this is all that will be viewable.  
  5. Using Krylon Fusion Spray Paint in a color of your choosing paint the cut PVC pieces.
  6. Attach furniture feet to bottom of a 32x32 piece of MDF.  
  7. Starting with a washer & hex nut on the bottom stack layers of cupcake stand beginning with 32x32 MDF with feet, then a 4" coupling, followed by another 32x32 MDF, next a 6" PVC (or whatever length you chose).  Continue layering items, MDF smallest to largest, until done & end with another washer & hex nut. 
  8. Cut the remaining thread rod.  We found the layers easier to manipulate by leaving a few inches of thread rod at the top.  We left a 4" rod, but you can cut it flush if you like. 
  9. Cut mat board.  You will have to measure the length & height of your grooves as I'm sure they will not be the same as ours.
  10. Lay out fabric with mat boards on top for stencils, line up design if desired.  Cut fabric large enough to wrap around edges of mat board.  
  11. Use Elmers spray adhesive to attach fabric to mat board.  Slide mat boards into grooves once dry.
  12. Decorate as you wish! Yay!