Saturday, June 19, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake...

Along our journey in the Hills we met our photographer, Angela Pierson.  She was super nice & we can't wait to work with her.  I have a feeling we will have wonderful traditional shots as well as several fun photos.  Angela is open to just about anything & seems very laid back.  I'm sure we will all work well together.

After the ceremony & photos we will be having dinner at an Italian restaurant.  The facility is new & the staff was more than helpful, willing to take time to talk to us & ask several questions.  This restaurant was not our first choice, however, upon seeing both dinner locations, the decision was easy.  Here's a peek at our dinner location:

We can have this private room for the night for a fee, or risk overflow from the restaurant if they are busy that night.  They also have a patio area behind the restaurant they are willing to reserve for us if the weather is nice.  The owner is allowing us to bring in a dessert so we found a small cake shop in town.  A 10" cake was ordered.  It is red velvet with cream cheese frosting & chocolate piping.  Hopefully when it is done it will look something like this (white one) with roses on top:

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  1. Downside to 'travel weddings'.... we don't get to taste the cake :(