Sunday, February 27, 2011

Long Time...

So the holidays happened.  The boys had not one but two birthday parties.  A new job entered the mix & life just got crazy.  Not sure if we will keep this blog or not.  He says yes, I say no.  Maybe if he blogs a lil more often...
Anyway... The blue truck died on Christmas Eve so we bought a 2009 Town & Country that looks something like this...

We love the extra room but not the extra gas expense.  This thing gets terrible gas mileage!  Other than the extra $$  things are going good.

Other than that we've just been working on the house.  Finally have some wall stuff hanging.  They are empty picture frames, but at least they are up!  Light fixtures redone, and more wall stuff...  It's coming together bit by bit.  :)

Valentines day was great!  I found misc. Valentines Day stuff on the counter (mug, blanket, candy) and had gotten a dozen roses the week before.  Started to make coffee & found a zippy bag buried in the coffee grounds.  Pulled the bag out to find tickets to Elton John!  While neither of us are huge fans, he will never come back here again.

For his Valentines Day gift I ordered him an MP3 player (so he stops using mine), new ear buds, slippers, and a few other misc. items.  Overall, great day.  Hope you enjoyed it too.

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