Friday, May 14, 2010

Latest Creations...

Well before we started working on garage sale stuff (which is going rather well, almost all big furniture is gone) I was working on dressers for the master bedroom.  The boys have my dressers & Jamie doesn't have any.  I have way too many clothes, so a dresser is a must. 

Jamie found this Kent Coffey dresser on clean up week.  It was going to be sent to the local land fill.  I wish I had taken pictures of it before I painted because the dresser was awful looking.  There was peeling reddish brown paint that had to be sanded/scraped off.  After priming & painting it looks like this (still needs knobs):

Then a good friend gave us another small dress so I did the same thing... Sand-Prime-Paint for this end result:

Not bad for two free dressers... While I was busy painting the boys were working on their own creations.  For Mother's Day each boy decorated a cake for me at a local grocery store.  They were so proud!  The boy's figured it must be my birthday cake so they sang "Happy Birthday" many, many, many times that day.  It was very cute!


  1. Very nice transformation. Isn't paint wonderful? I love black furniture, too. Great job!

  2. That turn out wonderful! It looks very nice. I love black furniture!