Thursday, July 22, 2010

DIY Thank You Parasol

My latest project is a photo prop.  This is the parasol that I saw on Bride on a Budget

I used Microsoft Publisher to print Thank You in 750pt Edwardian Font. (Kristin, I still think it's because you are team Edward, just sayin').  Then I cut out the letters & lightly taped them to the back of the parasol.

No lie people.  This was not an easy task.  I traced very gently with a pencil so I didn't punch through the parasol.  Next was tracing with a black sharpie.  If I ever make another one of these I would skip that step.  The marker bleeds through the paper very easily.

Next step was paint, just simple, black, acrylic paint.  I used one of the boy's art paint brushes with a fine tip.  Again this was a tedious project...  The end result looks like this.  View our photos with parasol here.


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  2. I am soooo not a specific team... *eye roll* ...

    It turned out awesome Nic!!! Love it... I say keep working on em' and make you some $$ on ebay cuz I'd totally pay at least $35 for that :) Looks awesome!!! Way to go