Friday, August 6, 2010

Hey Mr. DJ, can you play that Song?

Well it's almost 2AM. I just finished our play list that we will give our DJ, so he knows what kind of music we want played during our wedding celebration. We will have many guests so it was important that I include a good variety of songs from different artists and backgrounds . Even though it will not be a traditional reception, more of a big party for all friends and family, we will have plenty to keep our guests entertained. Along with this awesome selection of music I've been working on, we will also be having a projection big screen up with a recording of our ceremony in the Black Hills, maybe even a slide show with some pictures. If you follow our blog, then you already know about the Huge Cupcake stand I built. We will have some meat and cheese, veggie, and fruit trays and beverages of course. But Sorry no open bar! Almost forgot the candy bar, that should be fun. Nicole has not seen the play list yet, she is fast asleep, probably tired from the crazy fun day our twin boys put her through while I was at work! I think she will be very happy, as well as our guests. We are in to a little bit of everything when it comes to our choice of music. But it's not just about music we want to hear, it's also what's good and suitable for our demographic of guests who will be attending. Yet another thing to check off my list of things to do, oh yeah!

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