Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nine More Days!

Quick update on the latest happenings here...

  • My dress alterations are done, it is now a floor length dress with no train.
  • Jamie's ring arrived last week & fits perfect.  Thank you for an awesome deal!
  • Only one of the boy's tuxes fit, the other was too big.  I have a tux on order & it should be here early next week.  

  • Cupcake stand is at a stand still.  I painted one coat & never got to finish.  Instead I painted the guest room for company arriving in 2 weeks.  Here's a peek at the stand, will post a full tutorial when we are done. 
  •  400 invitations went into the mail last week.  Now we are working on those people that were missed.  Every day a couple more get added to the list.  So glad to have the invitations done.  They were very, very time consuming.  Huge thank you to Mae & Kristin for all their help!
  • Found future MIL a dress for the wedding.  Made her a pretty necklace & bracelet to match her outfit. (clear beads are silvery, flash kinda kills the bling)

  •  My bridal shower was a couple weekends ago.  Good times with great people!  Got some awesome gifts & recipes.  Special thanks to my mom & Mae for hosting.  Awesome job ladies!
  •  We have collected roughly 14 containers for the candy buffet.  I'm going to start cutting ribbons & making labels for everything this week.  Pics to come in the following weeks as we figure out the table layout. 
I'm sure there is much, much more to add to this list but that's all I can think of for now.  The invitations took us about 2 weeks to complete & were by far the biggest project.  Hope to post more in the next few days as we get closer to leaving for the Hills.  

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  1. Im so very happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kisses to the boys, you derserve this o much.