Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Bird Cage

I want a bird cage card box.  Yes, that's right, a bird cage.  Every time I say it someone looks at me like I'm absolutely crazy...  It's not that off topic of an idea, after all, Hobby Lobby sells bird cages in the wedding section.  It is just a lil more mod than some would like, but isn't that why they call it Modern Bride?

I have been looking everywhere for bird cages.  I finally found one on a local classifieds site, however the lady wanted $40 for a used, decorative bird cage that I would have to spray paint black.  Instead of purchasing that one, I went shopping with my dad & the lil toddler boys.  We found a nice, black bird cage at TJ Maxx for $30.  My plan is to decorate this cage with a red feather boa.  I will also make a cute lil sign with my Cricut saying 'letters' or 'cards' or something along those lines... This sign will be attached with some pretty ribbon (which I've been collecting at my thrift store & Hobby Lobby stops). 

Here's a picture of my original inspiration:

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