Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boy Room Decor DIY

So the boys need some wall stuff for their rooms.  I asked what they wanted on their walls & the response was 'I want a robot'.  Well, because it's two little boys I really don't want to spend much $$ on something that will probably get destroyed.  Instead I went to Lowes & had them cut a piece of MDF into 11x11" pieces.  Once I got home I painted the edges a lime color.
We selected 12x12 scrapbook paper & cut the paper to fit.  I coated the boards in Mod Podge & attached the paper.  Once this is dry you can sand down the excess paper on the edges.  The finished product looks like this... (apologies for the lil boy foot, he thought these were stepping stones)

These will hang on their walls & I plan to display their artwork above it.  The best thing about it is this was under $10 start to finish.

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  1. You should try it again... but this time for my boy's room :) Looks awesome Nik!!!