Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding Planning brings out that crazy shopper in you!

Well, this morning my beautiful bride to be calls me waking me up, which was good I had to get up and get ready for work anyway. During our conversation on the phone, we obviously start talking about our wedding plans, which we do on a daily basis. Unlike most grooms I know, I believe this planning stuff should be a team effort. She has her hands full with the twins all of the time, so I try to help out as much as I can. It's been kind of fun, a little stressful, but for the most part we are enjoying all of the things that go into a DIY wedding! 

So anyway we are still talking on the phone this morning. She has this down time to kill while the boys are in school usually, that is if she's not working. So she decides to hit up some stores, one of the many we have been shopping at for our wedding, is Hobby Lobby. 2 items we still needed more of was; glass rocks, and flowers, among other stuff for our wedding decor. The store had an awesome sale on the exact things we need, so she's off and running! 

Next thing I know, by the time we ended our talk on the phone, she was ripping through boxes and packages awaiting to be re-stocked on the shelves at Hobby Lobby, because the employee that was unloading the boxes, just decided to stop, and leave without finishing. Well my fiance, already knowing the rocks we need are probably in there some where so she took it upon herself to find them, too funny! I could just picture her running through certain aisles trying to get the things we need before some cute grandma cleans them out, buying everything in sight, which usually happens during crazy sales such as this. I couldn't stop laughing just thinking about her shopping tactics. Although I must admit, she and I are doing a really good job finding different things, and coming up with some awesome ideas for our wedding.

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  1. I am with J on this one... I laugh thinking about Nik ripping through boxes to find what she wants fighting off the little old ladies :)