Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Happens in Vegas...

It was my 30th birthday present... A flight to Las Vegas, no kids, and I would get to spend time with a best friend I hadn't seen in years. I was so excited & would have been perfectly happy spending time with my friend & nothing else...

Little did I know, my FH & friend had been planning this whole proposal for 2 months. My friend works at the Bellagio, so he took us there to see where he works & the hotel itself (btw, it's stunningly gorgeous!). We walked outside to watch the fountains, everything was soo pretty! My friend was videoing everything.

I had to pee really bad so I ran inside. By the time I returned, they had informed everyone standing around us that he was about to propose. He wasted no time either. Just got down on one knee when the show started, asked me to be his wife & I cracked up laughing! I didnt know if I should be looking at FH, the camera, or the giant rock in his hand, I was in shock & hysterics all at once. Of course I eventually regained composure & accepted. The crowd that had formed around us started to applaud & congratulate us.

I dont think it could have been any more perfect. I was honored to have my best friend by my side for the whole thing & still thank him today just for being there. He sent me the video to share with our families so we will always have those memories.

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