Sunday, March 21, 2010

DIY Bird Cage Decor Part 1

Well I could finish this project tonight, but the bird cage isn't here... So instead this turns into a two part deal.

I started by printing one of our monograms on white card stock & cutting out the monogram.  I sized it to be 5x5".  Then I cut a 6x6" piece of black card stock.  Next I used my exacto knife to cut two 2.5" slits in the black card stock.  The slits are for the three different ribbons I'll be wrapping around the bird cage & use them to support the monogram sign.  So far it looks something like this:
Well I wasn't completely happy with the product & thought it needed a little more.  So I went digging through my crafty lil tote in the closet & found a fine red ribbon.  I grabbed some Mod Podge & added a ribbon accent to the top & bottom.  The final product will look something like this...

I might remove the middle red ribbon & I might not.  I will figure it out when I attach it to the bird cage in a couple days.

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