Monday, March 8, 2010

Tuxedo or suit? Hmm... Not sure yet!

Well, I'm trying to decide on whether I should wear a Tux or a suit? I found a look I really like in the ECKO line. It's sharp, and should look real good! I think I'm leaning more towards something formal with pinstripes. 

I want something more than a suit, but different from the traditional tuxedo look. I like the black on black look with sutle gray pinstripes with matching vest. Instead of a bow-tie, I will wear a sharp red tie, along with a red pocket-square,and a black dress shirt, to incorporate our wedding colors. Because our wedding, is a small private outdoor ceremony, I only have my tux to rent or buy, along with my bestman, the only groomsmen I will have. She will also just have 1 maid of honor, or bridesmaid. This makes things much easier, not to mention saves everyone money in the long run.

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